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In 2022 the company ‘WACS Services’ was founded by Stephen Walroud after completing a career as e banker, as a consultant and 8 years as a member of the parliament of Curacao. One of the first products ‘WACS Services’ brought to the market was a tour division under the trade name ‘E-Nature Tours & Activities’. Starting this tour division was a perfect way for Stephen to enjoy the outdoor life and to share his vast knowledge of the island with especially tourists while touring.

As a young and small division of WACS Services, E-Nature Tours & Activities is aimed at developing tours & activities that are different, sustainable, environmentally friendly, playful and educational. Touring into the forest of Curacao with electric quad bikes with local guides, is just the beginning. More eco-friendly products especially for visitors to Curacao to enjoy, can and will follow with your valued support. Click here to learn why in our view it is important to support local companies like ours.

See you at our Tour!